I want your loving and I want your revenge (Anyone)

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I want your loving and I want your revenge (Anyone)

Post by Skyla Austin on Fri Mar 09, 2012 10:19 pm

Skye was finally finished. The third week of her global tour as part of her come back and it was going brilliantly. Another sold out gig, another new song for her loyal fans. After a string of compliments and gifts handed to her from her tour crew, she managed to get into her dressing room. It was 2am. Skye smiled to herself before looking in the mirror. Tired as usual Skye babe. she said to herself as she began to removed the inches of dark make up she was wearing. After changing her outfit and getting her bag, she was ready to leave. She walked out of her bathroom and was shock to see who was sat on her sofa....

[Someone PLEASE take over!]
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