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Michelle McCool

Post by Michelle McCool on Sat May 29, 2010 11:27 pm

Your Name: Elizabeth
Your Character's Full Name: Michelle Leigh McCool
Your Character's Birthday: January 25, 1980
Your Character's Age: 30
Character's Biography:Michelle is an American professional wrestler for the WWE on the smackdown brand. Before her career in the ring, Michelle was a Middle School teacher in Florida.She joined the WWE in 2004 after participating in the Diva search. She's held both the WWE Diva Championship (holding it for a total of 5 months) and WWE Women's Championship.She was the first diva to hold both titles.

A little more about her personal life:She has been married before, to Jeremy Louis Alexander, but they divorced in 2006.McCool is a Christian as her wrestling attire incorporates christian crosses.One of her moves, The Faith Breaker,has a name related to her christian beliefs.She's had several wrestling related injuries; a fractured nose, broken ribs, broken sternum,and a broken xiphoid process.
Michelle McCool

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