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Charisma Mizanin

Post by Charisma Riley on Sat Aug 07, 2010 10:42 pm

My Name - Tiffany Tyson
Character's Name - Charisma Louise Rochelle Mizanin
Character's Birthday - 3rd September 1987 (Aged 22)
Character's Face - Charisma Carpenter
Bio - Charisma is the younger sister of Mike "The Miz" Mizanin. Charisma is 7 years younger than her brother. As a child, Charisma was a ballerina, top of her class until she was 16 when she decided to become a Freestyle Dancer. After graduating at the age of 19, Charisma decided to persue the goal of becoming a professional wrestler like her brother. After being signed by Matt Hardy to the SmackDown roster in 2006, Charisma had an on-screen relationship with Matt Hardy which angered her brother, and resulted in the Miz/Matt Hardy rivalry. However, outside the ring in 2010, Charisma began dating her brother's NXT Rookie, Alex Riley. They have been dating ever since.
Charisma Riley

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Relationship : The Miz's sister.....Married to Alex Riley.
Status : WWE Diva SmackDown Brand.....Model for Ann Summers
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