New Rule (Updated again)

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New Rule (Updated again)

Post by Courtney Orton on Sat Aug 28, 2010 6:39 pm

Advertising by PMs is BANNED. You're only allowed to advertise by creating only ONE topic in the promotion forum. If you advertise by PM you will lose your privilege to PM. If you receive a PM about some one's forum please let an admin know.

With the one promotion topic you are not allowed to keep bumping it every minute to try to get it noticed over something else. You're only allowed to post in it once a day. If you post more then once a day your topic will be deleted and you will not be allowed to post a new one.

Promotion section:

We don't care that you advertise your forum and are definitely willing to help your forum be as successful as this one. PMing people non stop to try to recruit them to your forum and you don't bother to post on this forum will not be allowed though. This is a role playing forum not a free advertising forum so don't use it as one because you'll be gone quicker then you know it if you do. And no just because you post doesn't mean you can PM people non stop either. That's just a lazy way out of actually having to do some hard work and the admins of this forum are not supporting it.

Thank you for reading.

-Admins of OSW

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^Both made by me
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