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Chyna Sparks

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Your Name: Jennie
Your Character's Full Name: Chyna Sparks
Your Character's Birthday: October 31, 1985
Your Character's Age: 26

Biography: Determined, menacing, trouble. All words that have been used to describe Chyna Sparks. Beware if she is traveling in your part of the world stars. She has her camera ready and her eyes peeled for an oppurtune moment to use it.

She is the top reporter and the editor for Extreme Heat magazine so you can pretty much bet what ever she writes will make it to print. Watch where you fight, watch who you hug. Chyna has her eye on whatever you do.

Born in a small town in upstate New York Chyna was the daughter of a tax attorney. she loved to hear the stories of the clients he brought home but the scandals where were what interested her most.

She graduated from LSU in 2006 but never mood back home. She resides in Los Angeles where she was offered a job by Extreme Heat right out of college. In less than two years she clawed and backstabbed her way to the top. Now as an editor she does and says more than most stars would like. She had the power in her hands leaving the rest of us powerless to stop it.

she travels a lot in search of her next story. There is no telling where she will turn up next or if you will ever know she was there. Until the magazine comes out.

If you love gossip don't forget to look for the latest editon of Extreme Heat in OSW news section. If you have a scoop, feel free to P.M. Chyna.

Reporter position available: Apply through P.M. via Chyna Sparks.


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