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Angel Van Dam

Post by Angel Van Dam on Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:05 pm

My Name - Leah
Character's name - Angel Szatkowski
Character's Stage Name - Angel Van Dam
Character's Birthday - 10th December 1984
Character's Face - Miranda Kerr
Bio - Angel is the daughter of Rob Van Dam who grew up with only her father. Angel is 25 and a very successful model and TNA Knockout. Angel is currently dating Alex Shelley of TNA iMPACT and they live together in Plymouth Michigan. When her brother signed up for TNA iMPACT in 2010, Angel got close to AJ Styles. They had a good relationship at the start until AJ fell in with Ric Flair. AJ started treating Angel differently on and off set. Angel called AJ out into the ring and asked him " What the HELL is going on with you huh? You've been treating me like - like s**t ever since Flair came into the picture!" to which AJ didn't reply. Angel then said "You never loved me, you were just using me to get to Rob. It's over AJ."
Angel Van Dam

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Relationship : Dating AJ Styles Xx
Status : TNA Knockout, Rob Van Dam's younger sister
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