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Post by Courtney Orton on Mon Aug 30, 2010 12:49 am

There seems to be a little liar and a person who isn't as innocent and nice as she seems on this forum. I'm sure you all know Leah Jayne. She plays Kira Delani and Carsey McIntyre. Well Miya, one of the admins on this forum got this message from an anonymous person regarding Leah.

I feel
that you guys have the right to know that Sam has another girl on the site
watching you. Her name is Leah and that have been doing this for the last month or maybe longer. I just feel that you guys have the right to know what and who is trying to mess up your site.

If Leah has talked to you or has asked you to join any of her and Sam's sites/forums please stop supporting the person who tried to ruin this forum and everything everyone on this forum has worked hard to do on this forum. This behavior by a forum member is not acceptable and it will not be supported by us admins.


^Both made by me
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